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Wood Testing Laboratory

Universal testing and Research Centre, (A division of Wood Certification Private Limited) was started in 2019 to cater to the technical expertise testing requirements of the wood industry. Although, the wood industry today caters to huge product segment requirements, however an integrated single point testing facility poses a challenge to those to wish to go beyond the norms and do some path breaking work in the field of sustainability and compliance requirements. With a vision to address such requirements of the forerunners and torch bearers of the industry, Universal Testing and Research Center has been established. The lab has been awarded ISO 17025:2017 accreditation and provides unmatched testing services with a crisp price points and superior delivery for providing Testing Services for the below wooden products. Hence, without a doubt Universal testing and research center is an unmatched future partner for your testing needs. It caters to the following testing services:

a) Block Board as per IS 1659

b) Fire Retardant Plywood as per IS 5509

c) Marine Plywood as per IS 710

d) Shuttering Plywood as per IS 4990

e) General Plywood as per IS 303

f) Pre Laminated Particle Board as per IS 12823

g) Particle Board as per IS 3087

h) Veneered Plywood as per IS 1328

i) Medium Density Fiber Board as per IS 12406

J) Pre-Laminated Medium Density Fiber Board as per IS 14587

h) Timber / Wood IS 1708

Our team of experts, having intensive understanding of test results implication take utmost care to ensure that our tests not only follow stringent standard protocols, but also ensure that personal attention is given to each test conducted in our lab. We would be happy to assist you with any queries that you may have to ensure that we understand what is expected from us and you are always sure that we will deliver a bit more than your expectation.

Please do reach out to us on info@woodcert.com so understand how we can come together for providing efficient business solutions for all your testing needs.



Wood Certification Private Limited is delivering Certification, Training, Inspection & Testing Services in SAARC & Gulf Countries and not a consultancy organization.


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