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UGRA Company PSO Certification

Ugra certifies printing and prepress companies according to PSO. PSO means Process Standard Offset, which is a description of all requirements for each single step in the printing work flow. The application of PSO in a printing company helps to facilitate the communication, to achieve a better quality, to have a greener production and in the end have more success.

The Ugra certification is accomplished in a one-day audit. The company, which is to be certified must show in the following functions, that it complies with the standards, that the devices are calibrated, the standard operation procedures (SOP) are available and followed and the aim values are reached within the given tolerances.

The single work procedures must be described with standard operation procedures (SOP). Technical and organizational issues are described in the SOPs. In addition chapters for the training of the employees and the material receipt control are to be defined.

Data Reception
The data reception is accomplished in three interview with a sales representative, an order manager and a prepress operator. All interviewees have to know, which data can be processed in which way. Furthermore they have to know the used ISO standards.

Data Creation
At the data creation, the correct images from the received data should be selected and thus a test page has to be created, from which a PDF according to the requirements of PDF/X has to be provided. With this test the company show its know-how about color-management, layout creation and PDF/X.

At least one display in the company has to be set up according to the guidelines (ISO 12646) and calibrated correctly.

Digital Proofing
At proofing the 8 pages of the "VisualPRINT Reference" are printed. From these pages the Ugra/Fogra Media Wedge will be measured. The resulting values must lie within the required tolerances of ISO 12647-7

Printing Plate Production
At the printing plate production it is determined whether it is correctly documented and organized in the context of a Quality Management System (ISO 9000). The operator has to proof its knowledge about plate making. Furthermore the uniformity and the register of the plate production are tested.

The used material is controlled. Then the make-ready procedure is observed. A scanning color measuring device must be in place. The printing must take place according to ISO 12647-2. This is examined by printing an order of 2000 prints. As test form the VPR is used.

The standard illumination must fulfill the ISO 3664.

Besides these main points many further things are judged. Companies interested in the certification, may ask Ugra for a detailed description of the demanded values and the further evaluations.

Since many points outside of standards are judged, for which no strict aim values are available, a system of evaluation was developed. If all requirements in a category are fulfilled, a rating of 100 points is given. To achieve the certification, the audit must result in a rating of over 80 points. With a rating between 60 and 80 points, single functions must be re-audited. With a rating below 60 points the complete certification process must be repeated.

If the company fulfills the requirements it receives the certificate and is listed on the Ugra Website as a certified company. The certificate is valid for two years.

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