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Lead Safe Paint Certification

In pursuance of our vision of contributing positively to the society, Wood Certification Private Limited acquired accreditation as a certification body as per the requirements of VCSLSP scheme, formally known as “VOLUNTARY CERTIFICATION SVHEME FOR LEAD SAFE PAINTS”. The scheme is a joint initiative of IPEN + QCI and lays a focused emphasis on regulating the content of lead in paints to a maximum limit of 90ppm.

Lead is a well-known neurotoxin and is known to damage, destroy or impair the functioning of the human nervous system especially children below 6 years of age.

The “Voluntary certification scheme for Lead safe paints” drives to developing and complying with a manufacturer defined internal quality assessment plan and the requirements of scheme. The samples are independently tested to arrive at a reliable information about the content of Lead in the paints which forms the basis of the certification decision.

In our endeavor to provide a platform for likeminded stake holders and paint manufacturing companies, Wood Certification Private Limited is proud to be the first and currently the only certification body in India that is accredited to carry out third party certification and thereby facilitate a compliant manufacturer not only with validated process control but also enabling them to use VCSLSP certification mark, which provides an un-precedential visibility to the paints. On the other hand the use of lead safe logo helps in generating awareness amongst the end users and acts as a jump board to pushing the brand image as the one which has the safety of its customers as a prime concern.

For detailed information about the scheme we urge you to visit https://www.qcin.org/Voluntary-Certification-Scheme.php or visit our public document section or you can directly reach out to us info@woodcert.com



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