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We serve Forest & Agriculture Certification in SAARC & Gulf Countries

Forest Certification

Forest Certification provides your business to use the trademark logo of international schemes that demonstrates corporate responsibility and care for the world's forests.

Forest Certification sends a strong signal to the marketplace about responsible sourcing and production of wood products. Forest Certification schemes are highly successful, international forest certification scheme that is globally recognized by major environmental and social organizations.

Wood Certification Private Limited deliver services of Forest & Agriculture Certification, Carbon and Timber Legality in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Bhutan, Nepal, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Iran and Lebanon.

Following services are including under the Forest Certification Programme:

1. Forest Management (FM)
2. Chain of Custody CoC)
3. Controlled Wood (CW)


Chain of Custody (COC):

Forest Chain of Custody (CoC) certification helps your customers choose products that contribute to global conservation, community well-being and economic stability. Forest CoC certification is available to all companies that process or sell forest products. Candidates include sawmills, secondary manufacturers, broker/distributors, wholesalers, printers and paper merchants.
Any company that handle recycled wood waste or wood fibre originating from a certified forest including sawmills, secondary manufacturer, brokers/distributors, wholesalers, printers and paper merchants that use of sell forest product can get Forest CoC certificate.
In order for your clients to manufacture a Forest COC certified product or for retailers to make an forest certified claim about the products you sell to them, you must be Forest CoC certified. Certified companies also benefit from access to their web listings.
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Wood Certification Private Limited is delivering Certification, Training, Inspection & Testing Services in SAARC & Gulf Countries and not a consultancy organization.


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