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We serve Forest & Agriculture Certification in SAARC & Gulf Countries

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Why Get Certified
Increasing demand: Demands for certified raw material are growing, and often exceed existing supply.
Your market access is reinforced and enhanced.
Communication with stakeholders is facilitated.
Certification helps you to improve the efficiency of your quality management.
Certification matters! it makes a real positive difference on the ground, as shown by several independent studies. Forest workers, local communities and the forest's wildlife all benefit from certification.


Benefit from our expertise by participating in one of our regular training events or through tailored training on topics within our key competence areas.
Our seasoned specialists and training experts ensure that your training is delivered in high quality, in terms of content and execution. 

  • Training on Timber Legality and Due Diligence
  • Forest Management Auditor Training Programme
  • Forest Chain of Custody Auditor Training Programme
  • PEFC COC Auditor Training Programme

To know more about training programmes, please write us at info@woodcert.com



Wood Certification Private Limited is delivering Certification, Training, Inspection & Testing Services in SAARC & Gulf Countries and not a consultancy organization.


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