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We serve Forest & Agriculture Certification in SAARC & Gulf Countries


Wood Certification Private Limited, provides services and solutions within certification for timber producers, wood industries, paper and printing companies, Sustainable Agriculture and related trade organizations.
Our key service consists in independent third-party assessments leading to certification according to internationally well recognized schemes like Forest Management Certification, Chain-of-custody certification, Controlled Wood certification for forest operations, Controlled Wood certification for wood industries and Sustainable Agriculture Certification.
WoodCERT perform the audit for Forest Certification, Agriculture Certification, Timber Legality, and Forest Carbon Certification services are offered in SAARC & Gulf Countries.
WoodCERT perform the UGRA certification audit in collaboration with UGRA Switzerland.
WoodCERT perform the EUTR verification audit in SAARC & Gulf Countries.

Why get certified:

  • In global market, demand for certified products is increasing.
  • Certification may help companies to maintain and expand their access to sales of certified product.
  • Certification requirements for systematic approaches function as useful tools in industries/farms daily quality and resources management. Finally, certification is a great PR and communication asset, recognized by commercial buyers as well as the end users.
  • By becoming a part of the certified forest and wood industry community, contribute to preserve the biological system, ensure healthy and sustainable working conditions for employees and support the interests of local communities. 
  • The certificate demonstrates that your company cares about the environmental and social aspects of forestry.
  • Certification matters! It makes a real positive difference on the ground, as shown by several independent studies. Forest workers, local communities and the forest's wildlife all benefit from certification.

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Wood Certification Private Limited is delivering Certification, Training, Inspection & Testing Services in SAARC & Gulf Countries and not a consultancy organization.


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