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TSCA Title VI Certification

Background on TSCA Title VI Certification

On July 7, 2010, the Formaldehyde Standards for Composite Wood Products Act was signed into law to become Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) Title VI.

TSCA Title VI establishes formaldehyde emission standards identical to the California Air Resources Board (CARB) limits.

TSCA Title VI directs the implementation of regulations to ensure compliance with formaldehyde emission standards.

The final rule is available in the Federal Register under 40 CFR Part 770 and posted online at https://www.regulations.gov/document?D=EPA-HQ-OPPT-2016-0461-0001.

  • Became effective on May 22, 2017.
  • Beginning June 1, 2018, composite wood products (manufactured in or imported into the U.S.) must be certified as compliant with emission standards by a CARB approved and EPA-recognized Third-Party Certifier (TPC).
  • Until March 22, 2019, regulated products must be labelled as compliant with the TSCA Title VI or CARB ATCM Phase II emission standards. After March 22, 2019, products must be labeled as TSCA Title VI compliant.
  • Beginning March 22, 2019, import certification is required.
  • Beginning March 22, 2024, non-exempt laminated products become hardwood plywood and must comply with panel producer requirements.

The final rule extending compliance dates is available in the Federal Register online.

On March 13, 2018, the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, issued an order addressing the litigationover the December 12, 2018 compliance date for the formaldehyde standards for composite wood products. Read the Federal Register Notice announcing the litigation.

Regulation Summary

  • TSCA Title VI requires that composite wood products be tested and certified, ensuring only compliant products enter the product supply chain.
  • Composite wood products must be certified by an EPA-recognized third-party certifier (TPC), also called an EPA TSCA Title VI TPC.
  • Composite wood products affected under TSCA Title VI are:
    • Hardwood Plywood;
    • Medium-Density Fiberboard (MDF), including thin MDF; and
    • Particleboard.
  • There are limited testing and certification exemptions for no-added formaldehyde (NAF) resins or ultra-low emitting formaldehyde (ULEF) resins.
  • The new regulation includes recordkeeping, reporting, and labeling requirements.

Emission Standards

Regulated products must meet the emission standards beginning June 1, 2018:


Emission Standard

Hardwood Plywood –Veneer Core

0.05 ppm of formaldehyde

Hardwood Plywood –Composite Core

0.05 ppm of formaldehyde

Medium-Density Fiberboard

0.11 ppm of formaldehyde

Thin Medium-Density Fiberboard

0.13 ppm of formaldehyde


0.09 ppm of formaldehyde



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