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Cognos Analytics Tool Training

Cognos Analytics is a business intelligence (BI) and analytics platform developed by IBM. It allows organizations to access, analyze, and visualize data to gain insights and make informed business decisions. Cognos Analytics offers a comprehensive set of features and capabilities for reporting, data exploration, dash boarding, and data modeling. Business Intelligence services help organizations to Build a full-fledged, efficient data analytics pipeline, Access reports anywhere, anytime with a mobile app, Adopt Artificial Intelligence for a future-ready business intelligence ecosystem, Embed analytics in SaaS products (SaaS product is an internet software that all users have access to, like a text expander) and applications.

As an IBM Cognos Analytics tool training provider, we focus on transforming data into meaningful insights through Artificial Intelligence powered business intelligence, automation, and next-generation embedded and self-service analytics.

  • Professional Training to assess Business Intelligence maturity and establish IBM Cognos practice including data management, analytics, reporting, and visualization.
  • Professional Training to Configuration and customization of IBM components with features that provide interactive dashboards, charts and graphs for in-depth data visualization and analysis.
  • Professional Training to Migration to the IBM Cognos suite from other BI platforms with seamless transfer of data, third-party applications, operating systems and networks to ensure business continuity.
  • Professional Training for Hassle-free integration of IBM Cognos BI suite with enterprise systems with a strong focus on data integrity, data modeling, visualization, collaboration tools, and database services.
  • Professional Training to adhere IBM resources such as the Cognos Solutions Implementation Methodology (CSIM) to ensure a smooth implementation of the IBM Cognos suite.
  • Professional Training of BI systems that provide insights into on-premise, web, mobile, and cloud platforms. Expertise in developing IBM Cognos Express, IBM Cognos Analytics, and other IBM software.

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