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We serve Forest & Agriculture Certification in SAARC & Gulf Countries

Welcome To Wood Certification Private Limited

Wood Certification Private Limited deliver services of Forest & Agriculture Certification, Carbon and Timber Legality in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Bhutan, Nepal, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Iran and Lebanon.

Wood Certification Private Limited is one of India’s leading private sector agencies providing evaluation, monitoring and certification services in the fields of environment, forestry, wildlife, biodiversity, Agriculture, Tourism, Natural Resource Management and climate change.

Our key service consists in independent third-party assessments leading to certification according to internationally well recognized schemes including PEFC, EUTR and Forest Carbon.

We are familiar with the conditions and markets of wood-related businesses and offer individual service packages adapted to the specific needs of your enterprise.

Being market leader of the certification industries, we are having in-depth expertise in different industries and sectors like agriculture, forestry, tourism, natural resources and others,  and able to carry out reliable solutions for our clients. Skilled professionals from these sectors are employed in our team to provide requisite solutions to clients as per the industry standards. We also ensure that all the services are carried out within the stipulated time frame whilst assuring minimum hassles for clients

Why Get Certified

Increasing demand: Demands for certified raw material are growing, and often exceed existing supply.
Your market access is reinforced and enhanced.
Communication with stakeholders is facilitated.
Certification helps you to improve the efficiency of your quality management.
Certification matters! it makes a real positive difference on the ground, as shown by several independent studies. Forest workers, local communities and the forest's wildlife all benefit from certification.


Wood Certification Private Limited is delivering Certification, Training, Inspection & Testing Services in SAARC & Gulf Countries and not a consultancy organization.


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